Hello I'm Rob. I have a small welding & fabrication workshop and also I live in Norwich. I love making things especially if it involves sparking my welder up. As well as the products displayed in my online shop I'll take on any bespoke work you like. It could be variations on the Industrial themed furniture which I already make. Alternatively it could be Gates, railings or any architectural metalwork you require.  
Robert Marks
The picture is of me and Kez, she's getting on a bit now. In my spare time I race Siberian Huskies in Thetford Forest. I love these dogs and they love to go running in the woods, but they're not really wolves. 

Also I like to go rock climbing. In my camper van I've traveled all over the Britain seeking out the best places to go climbing. In the winter I go to the indoor climbing center in Norwich, it's a great sport. Also in my portfolio are some pull up bars, which climbers use for training. 
Wolf Designs
Robert Marks T/A Wolf Designs
U25E Horsbeck Industrial Estate,
Norwich. NR10 3SS.
07757 724888